Sunday, July 19, 2009


What time, in the rest of the world, does the milkman deliver milk?
Because here, In our little corner of the earth, apparently he delivers at 12:30 am.
That's right. The Winder Dairy truck pulled up across the street at 12:30 in the morning and dashed up to the porch across the street to leave a little deposit.
Seriously- I thought the whole milkman thing was a joke.
It's summertime- and tonight, the low is supposed to get down to 75 degrees- I wonder what the Health Department would have to say about dairy products staying out all night in 77 degree heat? Apparently the social worker husband abuser knows where to get hers from at any time of day or night...


  1. Was it the social worker husband? because if it were any of our other neighbors i would insist that it was really a drug drop. how bizarre.

  2. winder dairy...winder also is the last name of that couple. put it together.